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We have been with Advantage Medical Billing essentially since their inception and have never been dissatisfied.  They have treated our patients with the utmost respect yet most effectively pursued reimbursements with outstanding results.  They are constantly updating their software and maintain up to date methods of billing and collections.  Reports and data are provided expeditiously on request.  All of this is done while maintaining a personal touch to the point that we feel as though they are an extension of our own office rather than a contracted service.  In short, there can be no better arrangement.  They provide superior service in all ways

General Surgery Practice – Summit, NJ

"We have been using Advantage Medical Billing for over 16 years and find them professional, attentive and detail oriented.  They’re in a class of their own - we are eminently satisfied with them!"

Ophthalmology Practice – Princeton, NJ


“Advantage Medical Billing is an excellent company — we would highly recommend them for any medical practice.  The staff is extremely competent, efficient and very courteous to all. Advantage Medical Billing has never disappointed this office!”

Urology Practice – Edison, NJ

Benefits of Outsourcing

When you ask the question, “Should I hire a medical billing service?”  You are also looking for a very honest answer.  To get this, you have to examine your practice and yourself from many perspectives. This includes costs that are calculable and ones that only you can feel. You already know what I’m talking about but let’s put it on the table anyway.

Costs that you can calculate:

  • Extra medical office space/storage space rental
  • Extra salaries/benefits/employer taxes
  • Extra computer/printers/scanners purchases
  • Extra IT hardware support fees
  • Medical Billing software purchases
  • Medical Software annual maintenance/updates fees
  • Extra phone lines/equipment fees
  • Extra toner purchases
  • Extra office supplies purchases (copy paper, envelopes, claim forms, desks, chairs, pens, etc.)
  • Higher medical office utility bills
  • Medical billing training/education/books/subscriptions fees
  • Clearinghouse fees for electronic medical claims
  • Lost revenue due to: medical office management, efficiency and operational failures

This is simple math and you do not need anyone to tell you how much all of this will cost you. You do need to know, however, that as soon as you call Advantage Medical Billing, these expenses will greatly shrink, if not vanish.

Costs that only you can feel

  • Time lost to worrying about medical practice finances
  • Time lost worrying if you can ever increase your cash flow
  • Time lost worrying if you can ever reduce your patients’ growing Accounts Receivables
  • Time lost worrying what to do about the growing quantity and value of your uncollectible patient accounts
  • Time lost to setting up and managing the medical billing operation
  • Time lost from your patient care
  • Time lost worrying how to micromanage a medical operation that you truly dislike
  • Time lost worry about  what’s wrong with your medical practice, how to fix it and having no one there to help you
  • Time lost wondering if you can ever trust a professional medical billing service with your hard earned money
  • Time lost wondering if you should give up your independence and join a larger medical group or become a hospital based medical practice

Everyone knows that time lost is money lost. Talk to our clients and ask them how good it feels to finally stop worrying, losing time and start making money.  They should know… they called us and now have an Advantage!

    Call us to earn more, keep more and stay independent.

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