Taras Tylko, President

Elaine Tylko, CFO

    Taras Tylko is the quintessential work-workaholic and a born problem solver.  After graduating Saint Peter’s College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and minored in chemistry, his love of the business world and entrepreneurship soon took him to Wall Street. There he gravitated toward securities and operational auditing.  He has worked as a Senior Securities Compliance and Operations auditor for major brokerage and insurance firms like Dean Witter Reynolds and Mutual of New York (MONY).

    In 1993, Taras’ anesthesiologist sister and her urologist husband expressed disappointment in their medical billing services. After some coaxing to take up the medical billing challenge, Taras soon realized he was facing the chance of a lifetime. It all came together, his science education, auditing experience, his work-workaholic tendencies, his ability to see through and solve problems, his ability for organization, building and making things work, his perseverance and attention to detail and finally his ability to produce impressive results. He set out to build the best medical billing service anywhere. The company has grown dramatically over the last 21 years and the results it produces for clients are still impressive.

    Get to know Taras and Advantage Medical Billing;
    you will be glad you did.

Elaine Tylko earned her Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Upon graduation, Price Waterhouse recruited her where she gained experience in financial analysis, best business practices, and accounting controls.  Her clients included Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Elaine later joined the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York as Senior Financial Auditor where she met Taras. 

In 1993, the two established Advantage Medical Billing, Inc. where Elaine enthusiastically applied her accounting, business, and management expertise to help build the organization. The goal was to create a medical billing service for specialty medical providers that was 100% Client oriented.  This meant Advantage Medical Billing had to provide excellent customer service and accounts receivable management.  As a result, and exclusively by customer referral, the company has steadily grown to over 20 practices.

 “Having our valued clients recommend Advantage Medical Billing to colleagues and friends is clearly an expression of the value, trust, and appreciation they place on the services we deliver.”- Elaine Tylko


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